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Thermal Wall Coatings Somerset

Your properties external face to the world takes a tremendous beating from the elements throughout the year. With significant rain fall and long lasting freezing conditions the UK weather puts excessive moisture into your brick walls and even rendered surfaces that have started to crack or fracture as water ingress and the freeze thaw process accelerates the flaking and peeling of  external painted   walls .

The drive to increase residential and commercial energy efficiencies throughout Somerset, Devon and Dorset is ongoing as new technologies can dramatically improve your buildings thermal properties and ultimately lower your heating  and energy bills.

Somerset Pro Clean has been using high technology thermal wall coatings available in both clear and a colour formulation for many years we have kept a breast of the latest innovations that can be effective in waterproofing your buildings exterior, whilst still allowing full water vapour permeability to improve the thermal conditions. The building exterior has to be cleaned of all residue and allowed to dry before we apply the selected wall coating.

The German Energy Agency, DENA, estimates that 35% of heat loss is emitted though the facades of your property, for older buildings with brick substrates that are more porous then that number can potentially be much higher.  The UK housing stock is recognised as the oldest in the developed world with one in five homes built prior to 1918 we are the most energy inefficient in Europe. Somerset Pro Clean  as part of Roof Care South West can remedy the heat loss emitted through your walls by our effiecint and effective cleaning programme , allowing the surface to dry and then apply the latest coloured or clear fully breathable water resistance wall coatings to protect your building for years without changing the visual appeal already in place.

We operate thorught Somerset, Devon and Dorset helping to reduce resisdential and commercial heating bills if you would like a FREE no obligation written quotation for our thermal wall coatings and exterior building cleaning service then please call us on 0800 988 0348 or alternatively please complete our enquiry form and we will call you back.