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Patio Cleaning and Sealing Somerset

With the extensive selection of patio surfaces available in the market place today you want to ensure that the best methods of cleaning and maintaining the surface is carried out by a professional pressure washing cleaning and sealing company. Somerset Pro Clean, with over 35 years experience in maintaining exterior surfaces, has the means and dedication to ensure your patio is carefully cleaned, repaired and if required a protective sealant applied to ensure longevity of finish.

Homeowners and commercial businesses invest considerable resources in installing and maintaining a natural stone, Indian sandstone, block paved or imprinted concrete patio surface. Given the coastal locations of many of the towns in Devon, Dorset and Somerset  and the micro climate experienced external surfaces are often subjected to extremes of moisture and sunshine providing perfect breeding grounds for moss and green growth on most patio surfaces.

If the area is heavily overgrown with weeds , particularly for block paved patios, then we will look to pre-treat these with a branded weed killer to ensure sub-surface root growth is eradicated completely before undertaking a thorough pressure wash to the surface. Many of the newer natural stones are prone to suffering more from dirt and algae infestation due to the porosity of the stone we will if required use a mild chemical application to kill of black algae spores so often seen in the stone. 

With other surfaces like pattern imprinted concrete, crazy paving and pre cast patio slabs we will remove all ingrained algae growth and staining and if required repair broken imprinted concrete patterns, re-point patio slabs and crazy paving to ensure the site is left in tip top condition.

We recommend for all surfaces particularly the natural stone and Indian sandstone patios an application of a solvent free impregnating sealer that will still allow the stone to expel retained moisture but will keep the stone fully protected from oil, wine and algae infestation whilst keeping the beautiful visual appeal.

If you live in Minehead, Weston-super-Mare, Sidmouth, Seaton, Weymouth or Dorchester and require the services of a professional exterior cleaning company to totally renovate and refresh your patio then call Somerset Pro Clean on 0800 988 0348 alternatively please complete our enquiry form and we will call you back.

If you are involved  in providing accommodation for the tourist industry in Devon, Somerset or Dorset and want to make your business stand out from the competition then give us a call and we will make your exterior surface much for appealing for your guests.